I'm Coming Back! Yay me!

Hey hey hey!
Long time no see, my dear blog!
Well, I definitely had a hard time working. But now, I'm backkkkk.

Here is my story. 2 days ago, I had a weird conversation with a bro.
- (him) Congratulation, Minh!
- (me) (Say what?! I have no idea why he congratulates to me) ????
- (him) Have a look at this, girl:
Wow, what can I say? Programmer day? An interesting one.
Thanks to my bro, I've known that there is a day for people like me, like u, like us.

With more than 4 years learning computer science, 3 years researching in a lab, I can see that people around me - programmers, computer scientists - are very smart, nice and they all build wonderful things. (Well... I dont say this just because my major is computer science :-D It's a true story)

So it's great to have an official day to remind people of us. Unfortunately, the "Programmer day" is not yet popular. I hope that one day, when I come back to see this entry, I can smile reading this and enjoy a day for programmers - computer scientists with my dear colleagues.

See ya in the next entry!
The next one is for Google fans, guys!

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