[Android] First feeling ...

First of all,
I must say that I'm a fan of iOS development.
The first time I've worked with Android, I was so disappointed. The Android Emulator runs tooooo slowww, and sometimes I have trouble with the Heap and Stack running processes.

Some people will think Android is an OS. That's totally wrong !
Android is an open-platform with Apache2.0 license. Because it's "open", now, you can see, there is Android everywhere, from mobile to household stuffs (like washing machine, InternetTV,...). So I'm curious about Android. That's the reason why I came to Android. :))

There are 4 things that I experienced in coding Android:

  • You should code GUI with the XML file if you want a clean and well-structured GUI for your apps.
  • Once running the emulator, do not try to close it if you want to test your code later. The emulator takes so much time initializing.
  • Learning JavaSE soon, if you want to make an Android app.
  • Should not use Android 4.0. I realize it's a mistake using Android 4.0 cause it has the least documents and there are some components in Android4 which are not "open-source".
So that is just my feeling when I first "met" the big-guy-called-Android.
I will have an Android tutorial for coding in the next blog entry. Hope everyone likes it !

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